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Contact Us

The best way to contact us is by voice telephone, or by speaking directly with a member following Mass. St Irene's operates with part-time office staff at the Rectory on Monday through Friday from: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Rectory phone number is:

Our postal address is:
187 East Street - Carlisle, MA 01741

Other coordinators:

Parish Secretary, info@stirenes.org

Eucharistic Adoration devotion - adoration@StIrenes.org

Caring Friends - caring@StIrenes.org

Confirmation - confirmation@StIrenes.org

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter food basket donations - foodbaskets@StIrenes.org

Choir at Mass and special holydays - music@StIrenes.org

Pray for Vocations - vocations@StIrenes.org

Religious Education Coordinator - reled@stirenes.org

General information from the Rectory - info@StIrenes.org

Finance Council - finance@stirenes.org

Parish Council - parishcouncil@stirenes.org

Knights of Columbus - kofc@stirenes.org

Feedback - feedback@stirenes.org (to Saint Irene Digital Communications Committee)

Women's Club - womensclub@stirenes.org

Webmaster - webmaster@StIrenes.org (to our web hosting company)