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Facility Access

Building AccessabilitySt Irene's church has been designed to provide access to all. There are no steps between the parking lot and the main church entrance. There is space at the end of the pews in each row along the side aisle for a wheel chair. The pews curve in an arc facing the altar.

There is a ramp at the side door (on the right hand side of the church buiding, facing the street).

There is an elevator in the hall (on the right hand side of the church building, facing the street).

There are accessible rest rooms on the main church floor (off the hall on the left hand side of the church when facing the altar), and in the parish hall on the level beneath the main church worship area.

For assisted access to the parish hall, enter the main church area, and take the elevator down to the parish hall.

Crying Room - A Quiet Spot

Occasionally during Mass, young children become noisy or fidgety, or may need a change of scenery.  At those times, feel free to bring them into our Reconciliation Room in the rear of the church where Mass can be seen and heard.  We are a family parish and welcome families and children at our Sunday Liturgies.