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Electronic Giving

Online Giving

As part of our Increased Offertory Appeal, we offer parishioners the opportunity to sign up for Online Giving, also called E-Giving. We ask all parishioners to sign up and give what they are able to in order to help the parish. To understand the current financial situation of the parish, please review the latest downloadable report on St Irene's Financial Reports page. E-Giving enables you to make automatic contributions from your credit card or bank account and have the funds directly transferred to the parish. This method also can be used for second collections.

The benefits of Online Giving include:

No need to write checks

Ability to pull annual tax statements

Allows you to give even when you are unable to attend church

Contribution amount is easily adjusted. Many parishioners use electronic fund transfers (EFT) to make their car, mortgage and other household bill payments.

If you would like to learn more about signing up for Online Giving, simply contact the Rectory.