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Parish Planning Report

2012 - 2013 Parish Planning Sessions

Catholic parishes serve an important function: to help parishioners focus on their personal encounter with Christ, His mercy, and His love. Parishes also help us focus and coordinate our expression of loving one another through organized ministeries.

As part of its periodic review of ministries and services, St Irene's conducted a series of Parish Planning Sessions in late 2012 and early 2013. Parishioners were invited to participate in these Saturday morning sessions to discuss how well St Irene's is meeting their needs, and to make recommendations for the future.

In 2012, Dr Tim Muldoon of Boston College assisted parishioners and staff in defining the issues and focusing discussions. St Irene has reviewed Dr Muldoon's report, and is currently implementing some of his recommendations.

Dr Muldoon's report is available in Adobe PDF format here and in Microsoft Word 97 and 2003 format here. If you desire a copy of the report, but cannot read the PDF or Microsoft Word formatted documents, please phone the Rectory.

If you wish more detail on specific items within the report, please talk with Fr Tom or contact ParishCouncil@stirenes.org.