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Dear Parishioners,

It has been almost twenty five years since the Lord called me to serve at St. Irene Parish. Every day I am grateful for His call. As your pastor, I am privileged to witness your faith, goodness and generosity as together we strive to grow in holiness and witness to God’s love to those around us.

As a parish family, we are about to undertake a concerted effort to raise our Sunday Offertory Collection to support our many important, ongoing ministries without operating with a deficit. Recent economic difficulties have affected many households, and the household of the Church is no different. I realize that some families or individuals are experiencing difficult financial times, but I am counting on you who are able to make a sacrifice and significantly increase your weekly offering.

Our goal through this program is to increase offertory contributions by 25% or more. An increase in our offertory income will allow us to use our Grand Annual Collection for ongoing capital improvements to the parish, while we also meet our new diocesan assessments. Both the weekly Offertory Collection and the Grand Annual are essential to our operating budget. A change like this would make an incredible impact on our parish. I am grateful for your support to both.

Please take the time to review the enclosed brochure describing this effort, and consider how you can help St. Irene Parish. It includes suggested guidelines for giving. Please consider a generous increase in your weekly contribution. I ask that all registered families participate in this important program and that everyone utilize the offertory envelope system or consider on-line giving.

I am extremely appreciative of everyone’s past generosity to the parish. I thank you in advance for your support, understanding and kindness.

Sincerely in Christ,


Rev. Thomas P. Donohoe

Financial Commitment brochure:

View Brochure online

Download PDF version of Brochure

Financial Commitment form and envelope:

View commitment form and envelope online

Download PDF version of commitment form and envelope