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Welcome to Saint Irene Knights of Columbus Council #13848

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The Knights of Columbus is the largest worldwide Catholic men's fraternity dedicated to supporting the clergy and the family. We of Council #13848 proudly serve the parish of Saint Irene in Carlisle, MA.

In the late 1800's, when the family breadwinner died, the widow and children struggled to keep the family together. A New Haven, Connecticut parish priest, Fr. Michael J. McGivney, asked his predominantly Irish immigrant parishioners to help solve this problem. They created an organization that would financially help the widows of members who died. Today, Fr. McGivney is under consideration for sainthood, and his organization, the Knights of Columbus, is still growing.

Knights of Columbus are Catholic gentlemen committed to the exemplification of charity, unity, fraternity, patriotism, and defense of the priesthood. Our Order is consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are unequivocal in our loyalty to the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on Earth. We are firmly committed to the protection of human life, from conception to natural death, and to the preservation and defense of the family. These were the bedrock principles that the Order was founded on over a century ago, and we remain true to them today. The larger worldwide Knights of Columbus organization is active in several countries, financially supports seminarians, has established several charitable organizations, and pays for the world-wide satellite transmission of the Papal Midnight Mass on Christmas and Easter.

Membership is open to practicing Catholic men in union with the Holy See, who are at least 18 years old. If you are interested in joining us, please speak with a Knight to learn more about our order. We will gladly answer any question you may have and assist you on your journey to Knighthood. We strive to do charitable works, both within our Parish and for the needy elsewhere, thereby serving the Church and following its teachings. Within the parish, we help organize a series of annual events including:

to mention a few. Outside the parish, we work with Lazarus House in Lawrence, for example, to provide meals to the homeless. And when we heard that teachers in a local elementary school were "passing the hat", so that one of their students could have at least one Christmas present, St Irene's Knights contributed to their fund. We also support brother Knights in their temporal and spiritual needs; act for the good of the country; and give aid where we can to widows, orphans, the sick and the poor. Participating in the Knights of Columbus is a great way to put your faith into deeply meaningful action, and to help echo the dream of our founder, the venerable Father Michael J. McGivney.


St Irene's Knights are an IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. To contribute to St Irene's Knights charitable fund, reach out to the Knights using the contact data in the Contact Us page.

How to Join

Please contact our Grand Knight or a brother Knight to request a Form 100 Membership Application.

Once we receive your application, a brother Knight will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have. Your application will be subject to a vote in our next council meeting. Once your application has been approved, we will contact you to arrange for you to attend your First Degree, which is the first stage of initiation in our order. Once you have completed your First Degree, you are a member of the Knights of Columbus.

During your first year as a member, a First Year Mentor will be assigned as your guide and resource to ensure you are acclimated into the council and become involved.

Please review this "Power of One" video to learn more about becoming a member of the largest international fraternity of Catholic men!

Knights of Columbus — In Service To One. In Service To All

Columbian Award
District Deputy Jack DeCourcy (left) presented the Columbian Award to St Irene Grand Knight Dick O'Shea (right) ​on Dec 10th 2013 ​ for activities during the 2012-13 year.

St Irene Knights of Columbus distribute rosaries to newly confirmed candidates on May 3rd 2014.
St Irene Knights of Columbus distribute rosaries to newly confirmed candidates on May 3rd 2014.

The Knights of Columbus rosary
The Knights of Columbus rosary. ​