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Parish Library

The joy and purpose of the St. Irene Library is to provide literary food for our journey of faith. Parishioners of all ages are welcome to come to Room 6 in the parish hall and check out books. We are open before and after daily and weekend masses, and on an as-needed basis when meetings are taking place. Please note the room is used for CCD classes and the library is not open during these hours.

The library is self-service. The collection includes a variety of titles related to Roman Catholic teaching, history, and philosophy. Children’s books are included as well as those for adults. The library is intended to be a place for book discussion, Bible study, research and study of our faith.

Donations of new or used books are welcome. All must be related to Catholicism and in good shape. The library has a wish list of titles if you are willing to make a purchase. We can also combine donations. If you have any questions regarding donation contact Maddie Kaduboski at 978 263-4780.

Books may be kept for a 3 week period and renewed once by contacting Zenaide Cabral at 978 758-4990. Book losses should be compensated, either by replacement or by payment of the cost.

We look forward to your visit and hope that our Parish will grow in knowledge and appreciation of our faith through the offerings in our Library. If you are interested in supporting the library with your time and talent, please phone the rectory.