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Parish Calendar

Our staff maintains an updated Parish Calendar online. Clicking on the link will open an embedded view of St Irene's Google calendar here on the web page. If you are a Google calendar user, and you would like to overlay St Irene's calendar, so all the entries show on your computer or smartphone, we have made that possible. St Irene's Google calendar is public. To add it to your own as an overlay, go to your Google calendar on your computer, not on your smartphone, and in the "Other Calendars" entry box, type or paste in: 
which is the ID for St Irene's group calendar. After you add it to your Google calendar on your computer, it will automatically be added to Google calendar on your smartphone as well. You cannot perform the addition on your smartphone; it must be done from a laptop or desktop. By adding St Irene's calendar, you will always have our schedule information handy.

For your convenience, here is a PDF version of the Parish Calendar (updated 9/4/2018)