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Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Minister at St IreneSt Irene's encourages participation by our parishioners. If the adult members of your family are interested in distributing Communion during our masses, please phone the rectory. We will train you and schedule your service at Masses that meet your schedule.

Eucharistic Ministers at the Emerson Hospital

Were you hospitalized and someone brought you communion? Would you like to give back by becoming a Eucharistic Minister yourself? Perhaps you would like to consider trying this ministry of prayer and Eucharist? Are there other reasons why you might like to bring communion to the sick?

This ministry entails just about 2 hours per month plus 2 gatherings per year, for support, faith sharing, prayer and a wonderful meal provided by the Hospital in one of the conference rooms. If you have any questions please call the Catholic healthcare chaplain, Timothy Duff, (978) 287-3015, or email: tduff@emersonhosp.org. Please consider trying this ministry. You will receive training and support on an ongoing basis.





Eucharistic Ministers


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