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Social Justice Outreach

Since its founding in 1960, St. Irene Parish has had a history of supporting those in need — not only in the parish, but on the local, national and international level as well. We have responded to hardships being suffered by individuals and by communities near and far. In each instance, when a need was recognized, parishioners responded with time, presence, and funds to meet the need — some small and some extraordinary.

Pope Francis’ emphasis on the plight of the poor and marginalized has brought new energy to the work of service and social justice in the Catholic Church. In the fall of 2014, a number of St. Irene’s parishioners responded to the call to create a Social Justice Committee to commit to the long-term sustainable integration of the Church’s social mission into the life of the parish.

The world tells us to seek success, power and money; 
God tells us to seek humility, service and love.
~Pope Francis

Examples of St. Irene’s social justice outreach ministries at different levels include:

Our parishioners also support the work of organized charities that coordinate parish and community resources to effectively serve those in need.

St Irene youth leaders engage in fundraising for the needy.

One organization we support, the Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities, provides emergency services, food and shelter to many families. We also support individual needs when possible. For example, when the St Irene's Council of the Knights of Columbus learned that the teachers in a local public school were "passing the hat" among themselves so that one of their students could have at least one Christmas present, our Knights provided a donation to supplement that grass-roots effort for a very deserving family. You can learn more about some of our parish activities through this website.

How to get involved

If you want to get involved in a special cause, be it food for the hungry or shelter for the homeless, we invite you to do the following:

For more information about the Social Justice Committee and about St Irene Parish' social justice activities, please download and read 'St Irene's Social Justice Summary'

Those are the ways to engage with parish coordinated activities. In addition, you can naturally reach out directly to local social justice groups and offer help outside the context of the parish in Local Social Justice Opportunites.



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