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Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Food Baskets

St Irene's Parish donates food baskets to needy families throug the Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities office. The basket contents for the Easter donations is shown below the Christmas and Thanksgiving baskets on this page.

For more information, email foodbaskets@StIrenes.org

Checks can be made out to "Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities" with "Lowell Food Pantry" on the memo line in lieu of a food basket.

Baskets should be delivered to the Church Parking lot on the date and time specified in the Parish Bulletin.

Suggested contents for Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Baskets:

A Small Basket for 1 - 2 people should include the following:

2 cans vegetables
1 package gravy mix
4 potatoes
1 small can of cranberry sauce
1 small turkey breast (please deliver to us frozen)
1 small bag of stuffing mix
1 bag of shelled nuts
Fresh celery
1 jar small onions
1/2 dozen apples or oranges or a combination
1 small bag candy
1 package pudding mix

A Large Basket for 3 - 4 people should include:

3 cans assorted vegetables
1 - 2 packages of gravy mix
5 pound bag of potatoes
1 large can of cranberry sauce
1 12 - 14 pound turkey (no larger, please deliver frozen)
1 large bag of stuffing mix
1 bag shelled nuts
Fresh Celery
1 jar of onions
1 bag of apples or oranges
1 can dried drink-mix, for example, iced tea or lemonade
1 bag candy
1 can of pie filling
Ready-made pie crust (please, no frozen pie crusts)

When you contact us, please indicate what size basket you will be contributing. Cash contributions are also welcome.

Suggested contents for Easter Food Baskets:

A Small Basket for 1-2 people should include:

2 cans of vegetables
1 Large Can of Yams or 2 Fresh Yams
1 Small can of Pineapple
1/2 Pound block of Cheese
1 Pound Ham
1 Small package of Dinner Rolls
Small box of Crackers
1 Can of Soup
Small Package of Tea Bags
Box of Jello or Pudding
1/2 dozen apples or oranges or a combination
1 small bag of candy

A Large Basket for 3-4 people should include:

3-5 Pound Ham
3 Cans of Vegetables
Box of Pie Crust mix or Ready Made Pie Crust
Can of Pie Filling
Rolls or Bread
2 Cans of Soup
Bag of Candy
Bag of Apples or Oranges or a combination
3 Cans of Yams or Fresh Yams for four
Pound of Cheese
Large Box of Crackers
Large Can of Pineapple
Canned Dried Drink Mix

When you call please indicate what size basket you will be contributing. 

Cash contributions are also welcome. Make checks out to Catholic Charities/ Merrimack Valley. 

Project Bread

Project Bread is the only statewide antihunger organization committed to providing people of all ages, cultures, and walks of life with access to healthy food in their own communities.

From community-based meal programs, to early childhood and school nutrition initiatives, to providing better access to fresh local food resources, Project Bread works with partners, volunteers, and dedicated organizations to end hunger in our state.

Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger takes place each year on a Sunday in early May. Please visit their website for more info.

Thank you

Thanksgiving Food Drive

On November 22nd 2015 thanks to the generosity of the St Irene Parish over 450 people constituting over 100 families will have a Traditional thanksgiving meal to help celebrate the Holiday.  The pictures below depict the results of the efforts of our parish families to organize and deliver to the church parking lot food boxes consisting of a whole turkey with all the fixings; gravy, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, stuffing, and various desserts. 86 boxes and $765 were collected and transported to Catholic Charities of Lowell for distribution on Monday November 23rd to needy families.

We would like to thank Olympia Moving for donating the boxes for each of the meals, the peer leaders for sorting through, packing, stacking and delivering the baskets with the help and transportation provided by the Harkins, Symonds, Bakken, Gilberti, Bradley, Andrews, Marchant, and Womersley families (sincerely hope we remembered everyone). Special mention goes to the religious education classes and their families, who not only donated food baskets, but decorated them with thanksgiving messages. Thanks to all for making this a special day for those in need.


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