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Prayers for Vocations

St Irene's Parish has a "Pray for Vocations" kit which is available for use in your home.

Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to our program to pray for vocations! A Prayer Kit is available for your use within your home. The kit contains the following:

While the focus is praying for vocations to the priesthood in our archdiocese, our prayers are also for our families and ourselves. We are all called to live out our Catholic faith in whatever vocation or stage of life we are in. 

Our prayers are also for us to think about and discern, sometimes daily, what God is calling us to do. Participating in this effort is actively uniting ourselves with the larger community of the Church on earth.

If you would be interested in having the icon for a month, or of you have any questions, please email vocations@StIrenes.org


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