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Special Projects - Seminary Biogas

August 15, 2010

The Rwanda Seminary Biogan Project committee is pleased to announce that the construction project has been completed, and the gas from the plant is being used to prepare meals for the seminarians.

The Seminary thanks you, the Archdoicese thanks you, and Conservationists around the world thank you because this poject not only directly benefits the seminary but it also reduces the number of trees that must be cut for firewood.



March 21, 2010 

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that construction of the biogas production plant is well underway at the Virgo Fidelis Seminary in Rwanda. Last Fall, the parishioners of St. Irene's generously contributed over $30,000 to fund this important project which will provide an environmentally sustainable source of fuel for the seminary and the surrounding village.

Father Romain recently completed a trip to Rwanda to observe the project and to report back on its progress. He toured the construction site with the seminary's bishop. According to the bishop, the current plan is for construction to be completed by the end of April. At that time, it is expected that the seminary will be cooking with biogas instead of consuming what is left of the surrounding forests.

Fr. Romain commented "The project was like a dream come true. The school needed something to alleviate the consumption of the woods. They were so relieved when they were told that St. Irene's would finance the project."

Again, thanks to all of you who so generously contributed to this project. You have done a great service to the people of Rwanda and to all of us who share the resources of this planet.

The Rwanda Biogas Core Committee: Rev. R. Rurangirwa, Dea. & Margaret Bulpett, Dea. C. Ferraro, E. Carabillo, E. Sonn, P. Barry, E. Faber, A. Regan, L. Mariano, K. Mostello, P. Flanagan, C. Reynolds, L. Tonies


On March 9th the digging is complete. Kist employees start the cement work.

On March 9th Kist employees are spreading cement over stones.

On March 11th look at the progress.

On March 13th Even more progress.

On March 15th the tanks are almost complete.


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